Infomail NTS 2013 (ENG)

Nízkotatranská stíhačka Ultra-Trail 2013 starts in few days, therefore we have sent you newsletter with important information summary (this information was available on the NTS webpage). You will find the content of the newsletter in the following article. Please read especially the mandatory equipment, insurance and course information sections carefully.

Basic information – important dates and times

  • NTS race date:
    20. – 21.7.2013 (Saturday – Sunday)
  • Mandatory presentation (check-in):
    19.7.2013 (Friday) 18.00 – 22.00, Telgárt (elementary school building)
  • Meeting of participants before start:
    20.7.2013 (Saturday) at 05.30 morning, Telgárt (elementary school ground)
  • Start:
    20.7.2013 (Saturday) at 06.00 morning (nearby the elementary school building)

NTS 2013 schedule

Friday (19. July):

  • 18:00 – 22:00 Mandatory presentation in the foyer of Telgárt Elementary School building
  • 20:30 – 21:30 Briefing in Telgárt Elementary School building (participation is strongly recommended)
  • After 22:30 Quiet hours in Telgárt Elementary School building

Saturday (20. July):

  • 05:30 Meeting in the Telgárt Elementary School area, hand over of baggage for transport
  • 06:00 NTS 2013 start
  • 07:45 Closure of KS1 Kráľova hoľa
  • 11:00 Closure of KS2 sedlo Priehyba
  • 16:00 Closure of KS3 Čertovica
  • 20:30 Closure of  KS4 Kamenná chata pod Chopkom chalet

Sunday (21. July):

  • 00:30 Closure of KS5 Ďurková chalet
  • 04:30 Closure of KS6 Hiadeľské sedlo
  • 07:00 NTS 2012 25 hours limit end
  • 08:00 Winners ceremony (DAMI‘sport chalet – Donovaly)

The coordinators reserve the right to change the program of the the event, the participants will be informed in case of any changes.


Information about NTS race course: HERE

Please read the following article with details about the course section Priehyba – Čertovica, this is the most problematic and demanding NTS course part:

Information about NTS finish:

Mandatory equipment

Each team is obligated to carry the following mandatory equipment during the whole race duration:

  1. Hiking map of the whole Low Tatras area (1 set for a team)
  2. GPS receiver (1 for a team) – not in mobile phone!
  3. First aid kit (1 for a team) containing at least: 2x elastic bandage, 2x medical gauze, sticking plasters, antiseptic liquid, 2x isothermic blanket, 1x whistle
  4. Forehead lamp (every participant)
  5. Mobile phone (switched on) during the whole race (every participant)

Please make sure you load GPX track (or route) to your GPS receiver. You can find it here.

In case mandatory equipment will be found missing during the registration, the team will be not allowed to participate. In case mandatory equipment will be found missing during the race, the team will be disqualified (this rule does not cover the first aid kit content used during the race).

The mandatory equipment does not include the clothes, as we are sure the participants are experienced enough to know what is needed in high mountain conditions. Please consider, that the temperature in Low Tatra, especially during night can sink to 0 degree (especially at night), although the NTS is a summer event. Together with (freezing) rain this can cause a lot of problems – even serious. We recommend to have jacket with hood with waterproof and breathing membrane, long running trousers or legins (or legins and long socks), gloves (thin) and a cap/bandanna.


Each NTS 2013 participant is obligated to get a suitable insurance for 20.-21. July 2013. The insurance should cover also HZS (Mountain Rescoue Service) intervention costs and should not exclude race/sport event. The selection of a suitable insurance product is the responsibility of the participant.

Medical aid and safety

Each participant is obligated to consider his/her bodily and mental qualifications for participation in an extreme ultra-trail race and to get sure about his/her suitable health state before the event.

Accommodation in Telgárt

For the participants, who have “booked” the accommodation via the online enrollmentform, the accommodation (Friday/Saturday) in the school building will be available (for free). Please note that after 22.30 there will be quiet hours in the school building (the school building will be closed).

Baggage transport

The organizers will transport the baggage (only things NOT USED during the race) from Telgárt to the Čertovica checkpoint and subsequenty to Donovaly (finish) according to the race rules (part 2.14, point 5). On Friday during check-in baggage tags will be available onsite for better baggage identification.

Public transport


On Friday you can have a dinner in Horehronská kúria restaurant (5 minutes away from the school by walk).

The refreshments during the race will be prepared and at the checkpoints, the exact info will be given during the briefing on Friday. You can calculate with drinks (iont, hypotonic, tea, non-alcohol beer, cola, iskiate). The food will be distributed based on the race phase – you can expect fruits, musli bars, snacks (salty), salty or sweet variations of bread, cheese etc. Warm food can be bought at Čertovica and Chopok challet, we will also try to prepare a soup for Hiadelske sedlo (depending on conditions). There will be also sugar grape, magnesium and salt available at checkpoints.


Weather forecast will be published at NTS webside starting with next Monday.

We are looking forwad meeting you in Telgárt.
-NTS 2013 team-