Medical aid and safety

NTS event date, number of participants and race course was reported to HZS (Mountain Rescue Service) in advance.

Each participant must carry a medical kit with the mandatory minimal content (more information in race rules).

The coordinators will have medical kits on checkpoints with equipment for minor injuries treatment. In case of serious injury or health problem occurred on the race course beside the checkpoints (especially in difficult terrain) immediately contact HZS (Mountain Rescue Service) on 18300 (mobile phone is a part of the mandatory equipment, insurance covering also Mountain Rescoue Service intervention costs and not excluding race/sport events is mandatory).

The NTS race participants are obliged to apply first aid to other NTS race participants in case of their injury or state requiring first aid help.


Each participant is obligated to consider his/her bodily and mental qualifications for participation in an extreme ultra trail race and to get sure about his/her suitable health state before the event. NTS race organizers recommend to all participants to undergo an individual medical check-up before the NTS race.

The time limits are set to test runner’s abilities in the passages before checkpoint 1 and 2 amply.

In case of any questions related to the safety please contact the race organizers. In case of any doubt and questions regarding your health state please contact the G.P. or a specialist, eventually consider your participation in NTS race.

For the case of dangerous weather conditions coordinators reserve the right to change the event program or to cancel the event.


  • Do not overestimate your capabilities.
  • Do not underestimate the course difficulty and safety risks during the course.
  • Ensure you will have an suitable insurance for the NTS race date!