Public transport (bus & train)

The NTS race organizers will provide transport for the teams, which will finish at KS 3 Čertovica (elimination system or withdraw) to Donovaly to the NTS finish place. Using of this service is not mandatory for the NTS race participants. The bus will be ready at Čertovica on Saturday 16. July 2016 evening, so that after the time limit for KS 3 Čertovica (16:15 CET) the participants can depart together to Donovaly.

List of public transport links that allow you to arrive to Telgárt (Friday 15. July 2016) and links from Čertovica and Donovaly will be added soon. More information about public transport (bus and train) is available on

  • We recommend to check also buses from Heľpa, Mýto pod Ďumbierom, Jasná, Jasenie, or (if possible) to have own transport by car from Čertovica or Donovaly available.
  • Please note that NTS organizers are not taking responsibility for transport to start place, from finish place and from checkpoints.
  • In case you will decide to travel to Nízke Tatry by your car and you have no person to drive the car from Telgárt to NTS finish, we recommend to park your car in Banská Bystrica and to continue to Telgárt by public transport.