Regulations and Specification for NTS 2023

In following documents you can find important information concerning NTS 2023. Should you find different information on same matter elsewhere, these documents are the most recent.

Please read carefully through these documents before enrolling for NTS.

NTS regulations and specification (document is being updated)
Contains basic information about the race, conditions of participation and rules

Appendix for NTS 2023
Specific information for NTS 2023 edition

Registration system for 2023 edition
Enrollment groups & rules

newInformed consent
For a quicker experience during compulsory check-in, please bring it filled out and signed

For complete information regarding 2023 edition of NTS race, please read carefully through above linked documents.


The NTS race organizers reserve the right for changing (updating) the NTS Regulations and Specification for NTS. The NTS race organizers will inform the enrolled teams about the changes timely (via e-mail sent to the address, which was provided in the registration data).